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May 05 2016


Ambient Aire Odor Control



Ambient Aire is a Vancouver based integrated service company that specializes in odor removal, through environmentally friendly odor control programs and ambient scenting.

Our odor control system utilizes proprietary cold air diffusion to distribute an effective dry micro vapor throughout a treated area for a uniform coverage and intensity. A radical change from currently marketed aerosol air freshners that once they are pump into the air, drop to the ground quickly and rendered useless or enzyme systems that are prone to minimal or inconsistent results.  The technological advantage of our systems combined with our essential oil based formulations represent the new standard in odor remediation and scenting.

Ambient Aire provides odor neutralization that is safe to breathe, effective and with minimum impact on the environment.  Clean aromatic air can be a reality in any indoor environment, including: 

  • Hotel & Conference Centres
  • Restaurant Washrooms
  • Strata Hallways and Lobbies
  • Resorts
  • Common Areas
  • Wellness and Fitness facilities
  • Corporate Offices
  • Retail
  • Garbage Compactor
  • Trash Chute
  • Areas with Mildew & Mold Odors

More Details at http://www.ambientaire.ca

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